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Saucer Sunday

OK, I know it is Monday but I have this new idea and I am already a day behind!

Every Sunday I will be featuring a beautiful saucer out of my collection. I will try to provide as much information about it as I possibly can. The saucer will eventually be made into a stunning ring holder, but until then, it will be admired on my shelf with the rest of my saucer collection.

Saucer-Sunday_MG_1865 copy

This saucer was manufactured by Coalport. Unfortunately, this beautiful design does not have a pattern name. I like it when there is a name because it usually hints to the design of the saucer and then it is easy to reference to it later. But if this saucer had a name, it would be something like ‘Meadow Birds’. What would you call it? I would love to know your ideas so please leave a comment below.

About the Company
Coalport is an English china manufacturer founded by John Rose (1772-1841) after he had trained as a potter in Caughley, Shropshire, under Thomas Turner, a potter with a revolutionary approach to making porcelain.

After the Great Depression, Coalport was sold to English china manufacturer Cauldron Works. In the end, this resulted in the closure of the Coalport factory. In 1967, Wedwood purchased Coalport. As a result, Coalport is now produced at the Wedgwood factory in the village of Barlaston, Staffordshire, in the Potters region of England.


Lot of saucers

My boyfriends mom, Lucille, lives out east at Niagra-on-the-Lake, Ontario. All summer, she has been on a mission out searching for saucers at garage sales and antique stores. Through an antique dealer, she made an offer for a huge lot of saucers. The saucers once belonged to his Godmother (she recently passed away) who also had an antique store in Jordan, ON. Lucille sent me a big brown box of all 59 saucers and luckily, they made it to me safe and sound!

Saucer_MG_1839 Saucer_MG_1823

Lucille loves this lime green saucer. So as a token of thanks and appreciation, I will be making her this saucer into a ring holder that matches the colors in her bedroom perfectly.





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