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Bride to Be

A few weeks ago, Noelle, one of my dear customers through my Etsy store inquired about looking for a ring holder that was similar in color to Princess Kate’s blue sapphire engagement ring. I luckily had a ready-made ring holder that featured a saucer with the perfect royal blue. I sent the ring holder out pronto and it got there just in time for her sister’s engagement party. Her sister’s engagement ring (see below) sits on the ring holder and it matches it perfectly! Thank you so much Noelle for sharing this absolutely beautiful photo of your sister’s special moment with me.

bride to be

Photo Credit: Noelle Matthews



At the end of last year, I received a request from a lovely lady who wanted to know if I did international shipping. I never considered it before because of the distance and potential breakage of a ring holder. It took 7 – 8 weeks to get to Glasgow, Scotland; and she left such sweet feedback that I just had to share….

Hurrah and woop and joy of joys my package arrived! Packed up with tender loving care, me and my mum looked through the pages of the Calgary Herald – news from across the water is somehow so much more exciting, thank you for making my package safe and encased in bubble wrap invincibility. Well, as for my ring holder its a thing to beholden, heavy and reassuring and opulent, perfect for my collection of favourite rings and what nots.Thank you very much for a lovely transaction and especially for going out of your way to get it all the way to me safe and sound. Westmorland will be dearly loved and an heirloom in future years for sure.
Love and best wishes,


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