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My usual ritual on Sundays is a trip to the local Hillhurst-Sunnyside flea market. It has always been my intention to photograph my thrifty finds here on this blog. Thus so far, this has never happened. But today, here is a pic of a saucer that I scooped up. I absolutely adore it.



Saucer heaven

A few weeks ago at the flea market, I was inquiring with a vendor if they had any single saucers to sell. Unknown to me at the time, a lady overheard my conversation and her ears perked up. She came over to me later to say that she had a huge collection of saucers which she was wishing to sell. Turns out that her mother, now 86, had collected saucers as a hobby for many years of her life. I bought her entire collection — a total of 480 saucers. I was on cloud nine!

02_sea of saucers


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