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Mother’s Day Tea Party + Charming Soap Gift

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Vanilla cupcakes from CakeStar Bakery


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Macarons from Bobette & Belle


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A selection of my favourite teas from Sloane Tea Company


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Handmade flavoured heart-shaped sugar cubes by Sweet Bee’s Tea Party


Materials & Tools
• 4.5″ mini fine bone china saucers
• 5/8″ single face satin ribbon
• 2.5″ scented round soaps
• Charms with lobster claw
• Small clasp ring
• Scissors

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The following instructions are for one soap favour.

Step 1
Cut a strip of ribbon to 18″ and lay flat on table with the shiny side down. Place a round soap in a mini saucer and lay both of these elements in the middle of the ribbon.

Step 2
Feed both ends of the ribbon through a small clasp ring and pull it down till the ribbon is tight against the top of the soap. (Visual not shown)

Step 3
Open the lobster claw and attach the charm to the small clasp ring that is holding together the ribbon in the middle of the soap.

Step 4
Grab both ends of the ribbon and tie a bow in the middle of the soap. Trim ends off at a slant with the scissors.

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Grandma’s China Cabinet

Have you ever wondered why your grandmother had so many cups and saucers?

It was tradition in those days to throw a teacup bridal shower for the bride-to-be. Each guest brought a gift-wrapped teacup and saucer set. Presented with each one, was a word tucked into the teacup and read aloud as the gift was opened. Words like Patience, Cooperation, Humor, etc. were offered — characteristics one should have to achieve a happy marriage.

This explains how your grandmother came to acquire a large collection of cups and saucers. And since they were all mismatched, this allowed guests at tea parties to pick and choose which cup and saucer set they wanted to have their tea served in.

Paige Smith_Grandmas China Cabinet

Sadly, a lot of these cups and saucers are no longer wanted or used and get banished away in a box and forgotten in the attic. They are such lovely little things and when the cup is missing or broken, I love transforming the orphaned saucer into a ring holder so it can be useful and beautiful again in its next life time.