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Mother’s Day Tea Party + Charming Soap Gift

02_Paige Smith_Mothers Day Tea Party_MG_0815

01_Paige Smith_Mothers Day Tea Party_MG_0753

03_Paige Smith_Mothers Day Tea Party_MG_0863

Vanilla cupcakes from CakeStar Bakery


04_Paige Smith_Mothers Day Tea Party_MG_0835

Macarons from Bobette & Belle


05_Paige Smith_Mothers Day Tea Party_MG_0909

06_Paige Smith_Mothers Day Tea Party_MG_0935

A selection of my favourite teas from Sloane Tea Company


07_Paige Smith_Mothers Day Tea Party_MG_0918

Handmade flavoured heart-shaped sugar cubes by Sweet Bee’s Tea Party


Materials & Tools
• 4.5″ mini fine bone china saucers
• 5/8″ single face satin ribbon
• 2.5″ scented round soaps
• Charms with lobster claw
• Small clasp ring
• Scissors

08_Paige Smith_Mothers Day Tea Party Favour_MG_1010

The following instructions are for one soap favour.

Step 1
Cut a strip of ribbon to 18″ and lay flat on table with the shiny side down. Place a round soap in a mini saucer and lay both of these elements in the middle of the ribbon.

Step 2
Feed both ends of the ribbon through a small clasp ring and pull it down till the ribbon is tight against the top of the soap. (Visual not shown)

Step 3
Open the lobster claw and attach the charm to the small clasp ring that is holding together the ribbon in the middle of the soap.

Step 4
Grab both ends of the ribbon and tie a bow in the middle of the soap. Trim ends off at a slant with the scissors.

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Saucers of the Month: Sweet Peas in April

As I was sorting through my vintage china saucer collection recently, I found a few with beautiful images of Sweet Peas — which are the flower of the month for April. I have always had a soft spot for this delicate flower, as I just love the name — such a cute term of endearment. Transformed into jewelry/ring holders, saucers featuring Sweet Peas brings a splash of colour to a vanity or bedside table.

The sweet peas your grandmother grew in her garden truly deserved the name “sweet” because of their delightful fragrance. The Latin ‘lathyrus odoratus,’ which means ‘pea’ and ‘fragrant’ is how the sweet pea was named.


Paige Smith Designs_Spring Flowers_MG_9941

Sweet Pea Vintage Saucer Ring Holder

The sweet pea appears in a wide range of pastel colours and also blooms in two-tone varieties. The flower is traditionally known as a symbol of ‘good-bye’ or ‘blissful pleasure’.


Paige Smith Ring Holder_Sweet Pea 1Sweet Pea Vintage Saucer Ring Holder

04_peggy-porschen_floral-wedding-cake-collection_purple-sweet-peas12981Cake by Peggy Porschen


Paige Smith Ring Holder_Sweet Pea 3Sweet Pea Vintage Saucer Ring Holder

03_jennaraecakes.comMacarons by Jenna Rae Cakes

Next month, I will be featuring Lily of the Valley for the month of May. I hope you enjoy this new feature!